Sydney started out as a glorified pet. She and Josie would warn us if bear and moose were approaching while we were working. They could also clear a property and tell us if anyone was there or were someone was when we checked on different properties.


Maddie is training for tracking and cadaver work for search and rescue. She was my wall flower, always reluctant and shy. To try to bring her out of it we got a very outgoing male pup to pair her up with and he worked his magic. Maddie has come out of her shell and loves to work. She has an intensity about her that is unmatched.


This is Josie. She is our 12 year old rescue. We use her to teach the pups basic manners and she is good at her job! For fun she loves her stuffed toys. She will collect and groom all of her stuffed animals when she is not taking care of the pups.

Auggie “Gus”

Gus is the newest addition to our family of dogs. Chosen for his show dog qualities he is our resident stud. He shows exceptional ability as a tracking dog and service dog.


Hunter is a total ham. To small to be an effective service dog he likes to visit hospitals and nursing homes to spread good cheer. The ambassador to Paws For Empowerment as well as Petxproducts he is our resident movie star…a role he covets greatly.


Rowdy is a gently giant. Supplied by a breeder in Oklahoma he has hopes of becoming a service dog to a needful U.S. Veteran. His forte is the strength needed to assist as a stability dog. Rowdy is Mr. Personality!